BY: Aisley Niles
#kettner #momentum

momentum- The quantity of motion of a moving body measured as a product of its mass and velocity.

conservation of momentum- A conservation law stating that the total linear momentum of a closed system remains constant through time regardless of other possible changes within the system.

formula of momentum- It's a term that describes a relationship between the mass and velocity of an object and we can see this when it is written in equation from P=MV where P is momentum M is mass in kg and V is velocity in m/s.

why does letter P represents the momentum in a formula- linear momentum is also a conserved quantity meaning that if a closed system is not affected by external forces its total linear momentum cannot change.

how can a heavy moving van have same momentum as a small motorcycle- if the van weighs ten times as a small motorcycle and is driving 5 MPH it would have the same momentum as the motorcycle driving 50 MPH.

Difference between a sticky collision and non-sticky collision- Each impact of the ball is inelastic meaning that energy dissipates at each bounce.

what type of collision would you think throwing a piece of clay onto the ground would be and why? momentum is another vector measurement which is same as velocity so clay wouldn't make a different.

what is angular momentum? what does it have to do with outer space? having angles or sharp corners. Its main component is a ribbon-like cable.