What about me?
#Kettner #Tech31

My name is Benito ward i was born in Spokane Washington, my favorite color is red i live in house of 3 and my dad lives in Oregon let me tell you about myself.

My first dog was named somya (so-my-aah)my mom liked that name. we got her somewhere in Idaho she is a Rottweiler/pit-bull she looks like the puppy in the picture above. we found her online she also had a brother that went to a different family we got her instead and shes about three.

Basketball is the one sport that makes me the happiest whenI play it. this is the sport i play when im mad or just feel like playing it for fun.

Boxing is the one sport im most good I have not yet lost a match it is a great sport if you want to take your anger out and it always gets my adrenaline going. My first fight I got  tko the kid  was wobbling in the ring when i punched him but they threw in the towel before the fight ended. I enjoy boxing and i  hope I never lose

My deepest fear is sharks if i was ever in shark infested water or saw a shark when i was swimming I probably pee my pants or swim as fast as i can away from the water and never go back. Sharks are really scary and can bite your body parts off with those teeth.

The place I have  wanted to visit but never have is japan. It seems like a cool place to visit I have always been interested in there culture and it looks like a cool place.