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21st Century Skills Games:

The following games are designed to address some aspect of a 21st century skill set:

Webonauts Internet Academy (web based)

This online game teaches kids all about the rules of web safety and digital citizenship. [Recommended for grades 3-6]

Digizen (web based)

In this game, you have the opportunity to experience a day at school with Joe, the main character, and make decisions about how to help him as he experiences cyberbullying. You are challenged to be a responsible digital citizen and find out more about keeping safe online. [Recommended for grades 5-8]

Quandry (web based)

Quandary is an educational game designed to teach kids how to make better decisions. Players take on the role of a leader of a space colony and spend time meeting with villagers, reading or listening to their dialogue, making meaningful choices, and seeing the outcomes. [Recommended for grades 6-10]

Way (Mac/PC download)

This gamemakes collaboration and communication crucial to success. Players get paired together and then guide each other through a level using gesture and non-verbal cues. This game requires two players, so try to arrange a time with a friend before you begin. [Recommended for grades 7-12]

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