Made by the English, played by the Aussies

Artist's Impression

Super easy to play!

Quaffleball combines many well known sports to create what scientists call a mega-sport. Here are some of the rules:

No greeding/hogging (running with the ball for more than ten paces)

No rages (coming in contact with another player without touching the ball)

No rumbling (when all of the players are in a tight group and the Quaffle can't get out)

No grappling (holding the Quaffle by the seam)

Quaffling (running with the Quaffle) must only last ten paces.

There mustn't be a goalie in the onion bag (the goal)

You can't rap (hit the ball out of someone's hands) on a person.

When there is a rumble, there must be a chukka (chucking the ball in the air)

Bopping (bouncing with the ball between your legs to shoot in the onion bag when there is a penalty) must only last five paces.

No kick and picking (kicking the ball and en picking it up) but there is pick and kicking (picking up the ball then kicking it)

Why not play today?

To start playing today, visit your local Peace Lutheran College and find more information there.

for more information, contact awright@plc.qld.edu.au

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