Environmental Essay

Emon Lott


       Humans are ruining the world and its ecosystems. Pollution and resource over-use are killing the planet and its inhabitants. We have known this for years, and still only small groups of passionate people are helping to preserve our only home. Leaders of some of the largest industries are reluctant to take more eco-friendly measures. Is there a hope for Earth's ecosystems? Will we understand the harm we cause to the planet?


"Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites."

                                                                                    - William Ruckleshaus

"Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life or the environment, make amends if you do."

                                                                                   - Paul Hawken

"Eventually we'll realize if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves."

                                                                                  - Jonas Salk

Comparing & Conrasts

       These quotes each send the same message: Do not harm the environment by taking too much. The first quote, is explaining that nature is here to provide for us, but only if we are careful and do not exceed our usage limits. The second quote, by Paul Hawkins, explains the same general idea of using common sense when using resources from the planet. Destroying the ecosystems will result in the extinction of the human race, as perceived from the quote by Jonas Salk. These quotes also project their own separate ideas. The second quote explains that if we do take more from the planet than we are given, to try and fix the wrong we had done, to make amends. The third quote saying that we are through of the ecosystem is harmed.

       "Nature provides free lunch, only if we control our appetites." This is a powerful sentence. Nature cannot provide for a community that is taking faster than it can produce. Example, a mother with nine children cannot make them all lunch at once. Some will be served before others, and they will have to be patient. If all the children want seconds, the mother will be tired and may not be able to provide the second meal. Statistics from Webecoist state that, "Oxygen-starved dead zones that cannot sustain life now cover an area approximately the size of Oregon. Dead zones are caused by excess nitrogen from farm fertilizers, factory and vehicle emissions, sewage and other pollution runoff." Humans causing these large, and increasing, dead zones will cause an extreme depletion in sea life. These animals are dying due to human error. This will

"Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life or the environment, make amends if you do." This quote empowers respect of the planet, and promotes fixing the wrongs we caused to the environment. Leaving the world better than we found it is easily accomplished. We can help replenish Earth's resources by planting seeds and helping to raise animals that are endangered. But, instead of helping to renew these sources, humans have been overusing them and refuse to admit to this wrong doing.

"Eventually we'll realize if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves." Damaging any ecosystem will result in damaging the human race. All ecosystems are connected, and damaging one area will cause an extreme chain reaction that will negatively impact the worlds biomes. Example: if a large company begins deforestation, the trees will be chopped down and many animals will lose their home. These animals will relocate in other ecosystems in hopes to survive. The new animals will either dominate or die in the new environment. Any species that becomes invasive will wipe out competition. Some of that competition could be a crucial resource for humans. We have to be careful when handling the Earth

Personal Values

          To me, these quotes are far more than just words. These quotes are rules and morals to live by. Everyday, taking into consideration these statements could change the minds of people who haven't cared for ecosystems before. I've lived in many places. Some with rules about keeping pollution out of water ways, even some about not bringing any non-biodegradable products to designated areas. These quotes completely support both those laws. Quotes like these have meaning than just simply saying, "Save the Planet". These quotes are saying, "Save the Animals, Plants, Resources, and Ourselves".

Parent Quote

"I think recycling and pollution reduction are a key factor in ecosystem preservation." This means that recycling could help to reduce the amount of damage done to an ecosystem. Recycling will not completely diminish all the harm done to the ecosystems, but will greatly assist in improving the health of the environment. All forms of pollution reduction would benefit the ecosystems, especially the ocean, seeing as how it seems to be a huge target for pollutants.


      In conclusion, humans should be more carful about the way they use ecosystems. They are important to every living thing and need to be protected. The only organisms that can completely ensure protection is humans, because we are the greatest threats. Reducing pollution would positively effect the ecosystems greatly.