Security Solutions

By: Shelby Godwin & Kyree Clark & Susannah Sykes


  • Potential problem/accident -- Security at the ATM machine
  • Proper procedure -- Make sure that the area has sufficient lighting.

Lost Child

  • Potential problem -- Child gets separated from parent or guardian
  • Proper procedure -- Announcement over speaker system of child description

Will-call Ticket Windows

  • Potential problem -- Crowded lines for will-call and buying on site
  • Proper procedure -- Have will-call and other lines separately to satisfy regular customers

Information or Concierge Service

  • Potential Problem -- Information not sufficient
  • Proper Procedure -- Multiple Employees available for assistance


  • Potential Problem -- Important Page to go through but no service
  • Proper Procedure -- Available Wifi and Data accessible

First Aid

  • Potential Problem -- Injury to spectator
  • Proper Procedure -- First Aid boxes available at all kiosks and with employees to provide safety

Hearing Impaired Attendees

  • Potential Problem -- Foul ball heading towards hearing impaired attendee and can not hear heads up
  • Proper Procedure -- Provide safe coverage of the stadium

Designated Driver Programs

  • Potential Problem -- Have drunk attendee trying to leave
  • Proper Procedure -- Have arena employees plan the arrival of a taxi company

Messages on Stadium Message Board

  • Potential Problem -- Color Blind attendee can not see advertisements
  • Proper Procedure -- Have colors dark enough to be visible instead of colors such as yellow

Lost and Found Items

  • Potential Problem -- cellular device or keys lost by attendee
  • Proper Procedure -- Have designated area for items that are returned by honest attendees