Professional Learning Communities

A Professional Learning Community, or PLC for short is defined by  as a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Some terms that are frequently associated with PLC's are recurring, cycles, job embedded learning, ongoing, process.

Vision for PLC
From an Instructional Coach's Perspective

1. Continue monthly PLC on a district level, but also include a walk through at a school level. Give teachers the opportunity to walk around and observe other classrooms

2.Use the data from the monthly district level PLC as work for the instructional coaches to do in between district level PLC's. Have the IC's work with schools on problem areas. Have teams observe the same grade level all year!!

3. Feedback, next step, follow up have to be included in this process.

4. Create a mission/vision statement.  What professionals( Teachers and Administrators) should be included in this process? What do we plan on bringing these professionals together to do? What is our focus?

5. Come up with guidelines that will put us on the path to that mission/vision. How are we going to make sure that all team members are working together to meet these goals? What tools are we going to use to aid in this process?