Mobile Apps in the K-12 Classroom

EDU 210, Module 9

1. ABC Ninja

Description: A game that teaches  letter recognition by asking them to cut named letters in half.

In the classroom: This game could be used to teach young students, and ELL students the letters of the alphabet.

2. Splash Math

Description: Teaches math concepts, and rewards correct answers with coins to buy aquatic or land animals for kids to collect. There are also statistics for parents to view their child's progress.

In the classroom: Students can use this game to supplement math worksheets or other practice. Because it's a mobile app, children can practice math skills anywhere.

3. Quiz Studio

Description: Students and teachers create flash cards for individual or group study. This app saves carrying around hundreds of paper cards, and can be reused year after year without wear and tear.

In the classroom: Teachers can use this app for informal quizzing. Students can practice with peers to see what level they are at.

4. Showbie

Description: This app allows teachers to go paperless with assignments as it allows assigning work, receiving homework, and marking. It is compatible with many other iPad apps, so students can submit from other programs.

In the classroom: Centralizing homework saves students and teachers time and frustration. Students can receive feedback directly on their submissions, or can receive audio files of feedback.

5. Toontastic

Description: Students can create cartoon stories with audio using this app.

In the classroom: This can be used for creative story-telling, show and tell, or retelling stories students have read about in books.

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