Men and Women reacting differently

     In this particular article the main summary is stating how women react differently and are more emotionally stimulated than men are. Do to women having a bigger impact emotionally it allows for them to have memory relating to the specific topic be more clear instead of mens memory on the topic being more vague. The article states how there is no gender-related differences in emotional appraisal. Men and Women have a similar conclusion or ending result of thinking on a topic. The real difference between men and women's emotional reactions to things is how they go through the process of dealing with  the situation at hand.

     My personal opinion on this article is that it doesn't offend me due to the gender variations in emotional reactions; instead it makes me curious. I personally am a very emotional person through tears, laughs, or simple feelings of sadness, happiness, or anger. This makes me wonder, "How can a man not be emotional like me?" I have incorporated emotions into my everyday life and am so used to being emotional to situations that it amazes me that men are not reacting the same way.

Emotional reactions differ by gender

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