Cyber Security Field Trip

Abhi Timbawala P.6

Mike Good gave a great presentation with very informative past experiences in which i learned to never give up on something you really believe in. He wanted to succeed greatly and had to work 15 years prior to earning his job as Cisco and he had to be top of the top employees because he did not finish college. Second, you should always finish college, no matter what your excuse is it isn't big enough that you have to dropout of college unless you're the next Bill Gates.  Lastly i learned some public speaking skills, how we used his hands, how he walked around, etc etc. Many topics about his presentation were great, but overall the understanding that college is so key in your life made me believe how hard he really hard to work.

Anil Pattni is a entrepreneur who founded OChackerz. This place was were many people can come and learn about the different aspects of computer science, engineering, business, etc. He showed the world with his unique and talented mind that new innovations still can be made. His intellect enlightened me and his perspective on life was so down to earth. I learned how calm and down to earth you have to be in any career if you want to succeed. I also learned that if you love the computer science and engineering world you should consider going to one of their hackothons. Lastly he was a very well organized presenter and i would recommend this field trip to next years students because its an amazing learning experience.   

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