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Synopsis- Robinson Crusoe-(1997)

(By Myself)

Robinson Crusoe, the son of a German merchants has desires to sail the seas, but his parents have strong disapproval. He delcides to go through with his plan and sails to London with his friend. A storm almost kills them all, taking his friends interest away from sea travel. On Crusoe’s second voyage, his ship is captured by pirates.

Next, he breaks free from the pirates slave like reign and then transforms himself as a plantation owner. He then goes on a ship looking to gather slaves, but is then shipwrecked yet again. Crusoe finds himself to be the only man left alive from his expedition and gathers the remaining supplies. Through many sicknesses and hallucinations, Crusoe becomes skeptical on the idea of other people living on the island. When finding the imprints of a footprint in the sand, he learns that there is a crew of cannibals living on the island. Next, he views a shipwrecked boat off the shore of the island, but doesn’t find any people on board. He learns that it was a group of Spaniards that were captured by the cannibals. Crusoe engages in several fights with the cannibals and is able to effectively fend off most of them. He is able to take one hostage (Friday) and names him is personal servant. Friday and Crusoe embark on more journeys and are even able to free all the Spaniards. When an English ship arrives to the island, Crusoe and Friday take on the men and force them to surrender.

Finally, Crusoe is able to leave the island on the English ship and safely returns home. Crusoe learns that his plantations have becoming increasingly profitable. In the end, he returns to the island and learns that is under great and respectable rule governed by the Spaniards.


One theme that is very evident in the story of Robinson Crusoe was the art of overcoming obstacles. During the story, Crusoe overcomes numerous amounts of shipwrecks. Following the shipwrecks, he is able to overcome the numerous amounts of cannibals attacking him and the ability to live by himself. Truly, the theme of overcoming obstacles is very significant in modern time.


1. Friday being captured and being under Crusoe's rule. This is very key in dealing with the cannibals.

2. Crusoe being the only one surviving from the shipwreck, forcing him to live on his own and dealing with the problems. This is very important because it reveals Crusoe's real nature and his ability to deal with obstacles.

Movie Review

After finishing the movie, I had several mixed reviews about it. The moved ended out being pretty average as it went off many different ways from what the original book stated. I think the acting of Pierce Brosnan was very mediocre and could have gotten a better suited actor. Although, I did like how they portrayed Friday and the rest of the cannibalistic group. Altogether, this movie intrigued me at some points, but was very dull elsewhere.

New Pitch- Part 2

My new pitch would be to change up the actors being played from the original movie and make it a little bit more modernized movie. I’d like Leonardo DiCaprio to play Robinson Crusoe and Denzel Washington to play Friday. These two actors would bring more attention to the film. The setting would take place in the 1900s right around the time of WWII and would portray a young man (Leonardo) and his journey with his family escaping natzi rule through boat. Following that, the boat would be sunk with Leonardo being the only survivor. Following the sinking, he would swim to the island and fend for himself. Unlike in the book, Robinson Crusoe would befriend the cannabilistic group and adapt to their surroundings. Crusoe then gains a bunch of power and say between the tribe and begins to take things for granted. Things are completely reversed when Crusoe is taken in the middle of the night and beaten. He manages to escape the beatings and takes the cannibals supplies with him. The movie continues with Crusoe setting up camp a long way from the cannibals home. Next, his best friend while with the group, Friday, comes to find him at his new camp. The two then devise a genius plan to kill off the rest of the group. They successfully and safely fend them off and gain there own freedom and safety. Meanwhile, a boat of Polish men arrive and take them back to safety and reality. A couple years go by and Robinson Crusoe returns to the island to see how it was doing. It turns out that the island was under perfect rule from the Polish and successful jobs were being produced.

Part 3-

Robinson Crusoe-

Robinson Crusoe is a middle aged man with a very bulky stature. He is physically dominant with long brown hair and a thick beard. He is a man of his word and a man that is always wanting to overcome obstacles. His mind combines with his physically dominate nature, making him very hard to overcome. His independent self allows him to do many things others couldn't. A scene that Robinson plays a key part is his shipwrecking. After the weather costs his boat to sink, his strong nature plays a huge role in him being the only survivor. During his swim towards the island, he is swallowed by gigantic waves, but manages to safely arrive at the "deserted island".

1. Brad Pitt

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

Part IV

Setting- A deserted island off of Europe with a bunch of trees

The island would be a little bit bigger than the one stated in the picture but would look very similar.

These three songs perfectly go with some of the main scenes in the the modern day version of Robinson Crusoe.

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I like your song choices! Great part 1!

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"deserted island with lots of trees" good work, can be expanded