Apps for my Middle school Math & Science Class

Apps gearing students towards mlearning

Mobile learning has augmented our reality

Mobile learning is an emerging field witnessing the learners of today .Mobile learning (mLearning) is the usage of electronic mobile devices ( ipads, smartphones, tablets etc..) to support as well as empower the quality of teaching and learning. Mobile learning transfers education from inbound education in the classroom to learning anywhere anytime. Moreover, mLearning is characterized by ubiquitous access to content and technology, greater arena for students to collaborate with peers from all over the globe, and ability to personalize learning depending each student needs.(Intel, 2013). It is not the mobile device itself, but rather the pedagogy of the mobile devices to support the students’ education is what makes mobile learning (UNESCO, 2012). Here are 6 apps that I will probably use in my classroom with students:

1. Edmodo

What is it?

Edmodo is a website as well as an app that allows educators, students and parents to connect and share resources needed to reach their full potential in a safe environment. It is also a strong tool used by teachers as MLS.

How I can use it in my classroom?

Edmodo used as an LMS offers many tools for myself as a teacher. On the basic level, the ability to posts notes and alerts can be used to enhance communications with my students. Also, I could use the poll, quizzes and assignment feature could potentially save time in class, the time needed to hand out papers in class. In addition, Edmodo serves as a educational social networking bringing teachers and students across the globe together sharing ideas, interests, resources and much more. The best thing is that it is absolutely free in iTunes!

2. Cell and Cell Structure

What is it?

Cell and Cell Structure is a Biology app powered by Emantras specifically designed for middle school. It provides detailed 2D and 3D images of the cell and its components, mechanisms and providing in depth content. The app also provides review option, videos and interactive activities.The app costs $2.99 in iTunes.

How can I use it in my classroom?

As a science teacher, I would probably use the Cell and Cell Structure app by implementing the animated diagrams in my lessons as live images, as well I could have students watch a video or label a diagram. In addition, I am able to use the flash cards feature for review for the class as whole, groups or individually. Moreover I could have the students complete an interactive story before class, complete a quiz, and submit marks for credit. All these features of the app allow for flexibility for the students when learning about biology. I could even have students complete activities at home.

3. Buzz Math

What is it?

Buzz Math is a mathematical app that allows teachers not to engage students more but also students to take control their teaching. It focuses on learning and practicing mathematics skill for middle school students. It promotes mastery through immediate feedback. Overall, its possibilities are endless and it is absoultely FREE in iTunes.

How can I use it in my Classroom?

Buzz Math is an App that I will be using in my classroom. I can allow students to preview lessons by accessing examples at home or retrying activities. Also students can interact with the material by directly manipulating Cartesian coordinates, circle graphs, number lines etc...As well I can personalize assignments by sending individual assignment to each students, or a single assignment to the whole class. As well, I would be able to monitor student progress. The two most influential key features with Buzz Math that will help my classroom is first the ability of the app to read the information and activities which will foster the inclusive environment. Secondly, as well the Buzz Math software is Interactive Whiteboard compatible, therefor,e it allows for flexibility and engagement to another level in class.

4. Notability

What is it?

Notability is an app designed by Ginger Labs that acts a great tool offering full featured note taking, authoring, editing, mind mapping, connected notes, draw doodling and handwriting. This app allows importing documents, spreadsheets and presentation, as well it is possible for media insertion, multiple flexible sharing options, multi tools usage and real time recording. It costs $2.99 in iTunes.

How I can use it in my classroom?

I plan to use notability to take class notes for explaining lessons, brainstorming, and group activities, in addition to make the lectures more in real time I could insert images, web pages, import documents. Thus, allowing the students to create the lesson with me. In addition, I can add a recording for the lecture with my voice. Another way of looking at this app is that I could assign students to explain (a) main point(s), and uses the features and tools to make their assignments more resourceful. In addition, I can protect the notability files with passwords and or share using Google drive .

5. Reason Racer

What is it?

Reason Racer is an app made by KU Center for Technology Commercialization, Inc. at The University of Kansas that helps build a scientific thinking mindset for students. Through games of cartoon and animated problems the app allows students to develop judgment and therefore generating argumentation orientated thought. I am loving free because the app is free in iTunes.

How will I use it in my classroom?

I will use Reason Racer by having students individually completing games to build individual arguments and scientific thinking. I can also have groups of students by using multi-players and therefore students can collaborate to create arguments across different scenarios or counterarguments. I hope to foster this direction with my students in an engaging environment.

6. Google Drive

What is it?

Google Drive is an app powered by Google Inc. that allows safely create, edit, share, and store files all online from anywhere and anytime. It also provides single sign in: Sign in to Google Drive and automatically will you be signed in to apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome, and G+. The allowable space is 15 GB of free storage space but if you need more space you will have to purchase it.

How can I use it in my classroom?

I plan to use Google Drive for allowing students to upload words docs, spreadsheets presentations and media files as well as create and edit them. 'They could also create a folder for each subject. As well as students could also collaborate in real time with other students on a work together, which will increase their engagement. I could also have student share with me their files or with their groups. As well the can embed gadgets like graphs, flash cards, etc...

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