Legacy Presentation

By Christine Nguyen

Drawn by Yuumei. Depict a girl painting a vision of a brighter tomorrow.

Hello all, and welcome to my Exit Portfolio Presentation! I’ll be talking about the four traits that I believe are important aspects of my personality. To give you all a heads up, this will be mostly about how I am in front of close friends, which will be new to most of you so please don’t be surprised! Another thing worth mentioning is that these characteristics are mostly shortcomings, since I don’t feel comfortable saying the ‘good’ traits about myself..

Our first trait is, tolerant. I believe I’m a very easy going person, a bit to the point where I’m quite passive. I usually don’t mind whatever choices are made as long as their reasonable and logical. Though, I probably would not be able to make most choices myself because I am very indecisive.. If my tolerance is tested till the point that I do feel annoyed, and you’re a close friend, I will probably let you know in a somewhat childish manner. However that ‘annoyed’ zone is difficult to reach and rarely arises. Being tolerant is viewed as a shortcoming to me after the events with a certain person whom I stayed with even as the friendship between us became unhealthy. Luckily some friends who also experienced the toxic relationship convinced me to cut ties as well.

Moving on, our second trait is childish! Haha I bet you weren’t expecting that! Although I am tolerant, I can be pouty at times, and can easily crack under pressure. In the presence of close friends, I believe I am able to loosen up a little due to my trust in them. I am comfortable asking for favors with little to no hesitation, running around being random and hyper, and coming to said friends for advice. Oh! I’m also, somewhat, stubborn. Mentally, I am a very dependent person, needing condolence and support. I tend to get lonely easily, which is why I have so many online friends! Oh I’m a sad person..

My third characteristic is affectionate. Since we’re talking about traits that appear with close friends.. Here! Although it can surface with acquaintances (it’s the shyness I tell you) it’s most potent with known people. Leos tend to spoil their friends and tries their best to tend to their every need. I believe I am known as the mother, when the situation calls for it, of my small groups of friends, offering advice and comforting others plunged in a gloomy day. Yes, I can see from miles away what the downfall here is..

And the last but most important and probably anticipated trait!
I’m really. Really. Shy. To the point where I only ask close friends questions, and is unable to decline when things are asked of me. In the beginning, I will rarely initiate a conversation, and give short answers. It’s not because I hate you okay?! Just.. It’ll take a while for me to become comfortable around new faces. Tying in with the childish characteristic above, I’m actually very curious about others, but this trait makes it difficult to question others and get to know them. A portion of my shyness is also mixed with fear, created by my paranoia, which results in my apologetic nature. I don’t want to bother anyone so I usually keep to myself. The friends I have now had to interact with my plenty of times during this stage, and I gradually accepted them. While in the presence of my friends (as mentioned before) my shyness is reduced to a minimum and I am able to freely speak my mind.

Drawn by Yuumei. Depicts a girl with a optimistic view.


"If everyone cared, and nobody cried..
If everyone loved, and nobody lied..
If everyone dared, to swallow their pride..
Then we'd see the day, where nobody died."

"If you can't be a good pencil,
to write one's happiness..
Then be a good eraser,
to erase one's sadness."

"The loneliest people are the kindest,                                                                                                the saddest people smile the brightest,
the most damaged people are the wisest,                                                                                      all because they don't want to see anyone else suffer the way they did."                        -Unknown

Why Can't People See the Real Me?

Why can't people see the real me?
I try so hard to be the perfect person I can be.
Sure I'm young, quiet and shy.
But I'm such an amazing person, which many pass by.
Why can't people just take the time?
Just tell me your favorite thing to do and I'll tell you mine.
The people that do, I hold dear to my heart.
They see me as mysterious, sweet, funny and smart.
You can't expect me to open up the very first day.
It takes time, but trust me, I'll soon have a lot to say.
Why can't people wait and get to know the real me?
I bet you I'd be a much different person than you first did see.

Drawn by Mikeinel. Depicts a girl and boy who cannot be together.

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