Magnetic Induction Lighting New Jersey Technology

Induction lighting is one of the best kept secrets in Electronic Hid. Simply stated, Induction Lighting is essentially a fluorescent light without electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. RTG Lighting is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient, low-maintenance Commercial Induction Lighting systems for the commercial, industrial and municipal markets. can offer your company the easy-to-understand education, research and information needed to make intelligent lighting decisions, and help shed new light on this exciting and cost-saving technology that will help your company quickly and efficiently achieve its short and long-term energy saving goals. With over years of lighting and design experience, RTG lighting has improved every aspect of our manufacturing process to create some of the most remarkable and innovative lighting in the world.

Our meticulous engineering and experienced craftsmanship produce very dependable, Energy Efficient Lighting, fluorescent fixtures geared for site specificity and optimum efficiency. Dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving light quality. We will continue to develop new lighting technologies and explore the use of alternative light sources to better serve our customers, save energy and contribute to environmental sustainability. Many customers choose to keep their existing fixtures and “retrofit” the fixture using the RealTime Lamp & Ballast.