By: Taylor Adams


Potassium is an essential plant nutrient & required in large amounts for proper growth.

Commonly known as "quality nutrient"

Potassium plays many different roles in plants! Plants absorb is in ionic form. During photosynthesis potassium helps to regulate the opening and closing of the stomata, also regulates water, you need it in almost every step of protein synthesis.

In nature potassium occurs in ionic salt. It's found dissolved in sea water and as part of many minerals.

Lack of potassium in plants causes the plant to perform more poorly overall. You may be able to see signs within the leaves such as brown spots, yellow edges, yellow veins, and brown veins.

Too make sure your plants aren't lacking the amount of potassium they need you can put potassium fertilizer on them. This fertilizer is also known as potash fertilizer

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