Horses by:
Abbey laplant


The reason I picked this topic is because horses are a good companion and people want to know more about them.

  horses are a magnifecent animal that you will learn about in this tackk so read on if you want to learn more about horses.


              Horses are a very common pet they have been around for 5,000 years.  horses were used to hunt wild game they were a great help to the indians because they needed some transpertationin the past.   There were not many horses so people bred them over and over so now we have horses spread rapidly all around the world . In this tackk you will learn about the history of horses and the sports horses are used in.


             A horse is a large animal that carryed land seekers and indians .Horses were used in many events like "Oaklahoma land rush" battles " and other events . At that time people had no transpertation so they looked to horses for help . In the past there were not many options of horses so people breed horses down  to what they are now.


               Horses are used in many events like the  thurobred is used in racing and jumping events warm bloods such as the palamino are used in barrel racing and in poles.  Arabian are used in english events so every horse has its place in the world very rarley you will see a arabian in barrel racing.


           All horses have hoofs and they all need care horses hoofs are made out of kertain the same thing as your finger nails .  Some horses need shoes because thier hoofs are more delicite than others.  Horses need a monthly visit from the farrier to help with their hoofs and to trim trim them.  Horses hoofs have no feeling in them unless you get to deep thats why people nail horses shoes on.


horses are a amazing animal and they come in all different breeds and personalitys most are friendly. So if you want a great pet than you should get a horse.


Arabian: a high strung horse

Warm blood: a calmer breed of horse

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