The Industrial Revolution: Ashleigh Erickson, 8th Hour

Photo caption: A machine used for weaving fabric during the time of the Industrial Revolution. Image source:

The industrial revolution was a time all about innovation. Throughout that entire time, new discoveries were made as America was industrialized with mechanic solutions to time-consuming tasks, such as weaving wool to make fabric. This revolution also created whole new inventions, such as the electric motor and storage battery, both invented by Thomas Alva Edison. These both changed the lives of Americans immensely. With electric motors came automobiles, which are a widespread use of quick transportation used here in the modern day. The battery served as the basis of many electronic inventions. Most electronics use batteries, such as the cell phone, computers, and controllers. To innovate something is to establish something by introducing new ideas or methods of doing something. Machines were a huge innovation because they took manual tasks and did them automatically in half of the time a person could do it, such as weaving wool for fabric. The industrial revolution changed and improved the lives of Americans for the better, and many of the things invented during that time are still used all over the country today.

Thomas Edison contributed many inventions to the Industrial Revolution.