End of Year Project

Persuasive Essay

In movies the good guys always win, but that is not always true when it comes to real life. The majority of people can be cruel and untrustworthy. Having more good people in the world can give world peace and have the ability to trust more people with money or favors.

Firist off, world peace would give less wars. This would have a lesser chance to have another world war. Furthermore, having less war would have less houses and families getting caught in  the wreckage. Usually wars have country in debt so when there are no wars there is less money that is needed to be owned. More over,  having world peace would give safer neighborhoods. Since there are places were people don't want to go, this would be able to open more stores and business.

Next, having more good people would more trust among neighbors. This would beneficial because some companies scam others. The percentage will drop if more good people would come to this world. An important task that is given would not fail because you would be able to count on them. Another reason would have more people to trust with money. Money is important and having a lot of it and trusting it with a person could be nerve racking. with more good people in the world would be great.

However, people would disagree. They might say the amount of good people we have in the world and bad balances out our population. Furthermore, this would have our police force and military be laid off. If there is more good people in the world the military would be no more and have many families with out jobs.

Good people in the world would give world peace and trust among others, but others don't think that way. in my opinion i feel that there should be more good people in the world.  This would be beneficial to our community

Letter of recommendation

Dear, whom it may concern

I have known Fatima for 2 years or so. I have found that she is a really nice person in general. She always stays positive and is willing to help as much as possible. She has a good sense of humor and is very professional when it is needed.  You can tell she is a good hearted person. These people are rare to find.

Fatima is a hard working person. she is always on task and she gets her goals accomplished no matter what. For this job i know that you have to be good at math and know your video games.  She has these Qualities because she knows a lot about games really well and has a high grade in Math class. She does really well when under pressure which when big sales or new console are on the market she would be needed. I am writing this letter of recommendation is because she is a good friend to me and everyone else. She loves to help so i was glad when she came to me so i could help her.


                                                                                                                  Angel Perez

Cover letter

Perez angel Jared

1222 pebble hills blvd.

El Paso  Texas

may 18 2015

Miguel Trevizo, principal

Math Teacher

14400 pebble hills blvd.

El paso Texas 79936

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

The position i am trying to acquire is to be one of your Algebra II teachers. I have a Masters in Math so i am capable to handle this position. I also have a high tolerance and patience for students. I don't get mad easily with students who do not respect me.

I want to teach what i know to the community of students about Algebra. I always found Math fun and my past teachers made it so. Other kids did not appericiate what the teacher was trying to do for us. I have taken teaching endorsments which have gotten me prepared for teaching.

Thank you for reading my letter


Angel Perez


                                                                  Angel Perez


12222 pebble hills blvd.



objective:  To obtain a university that makes me grow more as a professional


Lujan Chavez  2005-2011

Sun Ridge middle  2011-2014

Pebble Hills High School  2014-2018


2nd in the district in baseball  7th grade year

perfect attendance all of elementary and middle


volunteer for a program in AVID to speak about the twice

Served as a Mentor




high tolerance

Job application

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