Hello, me it's Julien

Like the others students of Fenelon, I live near Lille in the north of the France. I was born the 20th december in 1999 , I'm fourteen years old and I have one younger sister and one youn half-brother, Lea and Victor and one cat . I play tennis and handball but I like also many others sports. I read comics and mangas and before to sleep, novels. When I go back in my home, I play video games when I can and the evening, often friday, I watch action , western or comedy movies. I like also hear music and walk in my city. I don't know that I want to do when I grow up but a good job of course!  I live with my mother because my parents is separate but I see my father the week-end.

I don't really have a beautiful voice but I live with she and she don't annoy me.:)

Here is my occupations, the musics, the films, the books and the video games that I like!!

Of course, I like many others artists, many others books, many others series... but it's my favourites !:D

Me and my brother

(I don't have picture of my sister)

My Holiday

This summer , I went in Sardinia, an island of Italia. It was very cool, I was able to swim everyday but there was wind ( like the second photo)! One of my pleasures in Italia is to eat pizza. The italian's pizza are the best! I went with my sister, my brother my father and his wife. With my mother , I went in Britain, a region of France , it was very good too!


It's a belgian song and an american song . It's not my favourite songs (I don't have it) but I like very much these two songs! I like many style of music; I like pop, dance, rap, electro, rock... I like the music who moved!

There is no clip for the second video ...

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