Southern Colonies

By: Jordan Henderson

Welcome, I think you will like the Southern Colonies. We can fill you up with smiles and sun-shiny days, where you will find a place called home, for you.

Southern Coloines:                                                                                                              -Georgia                                                                                                                                -South & North Carolina                                                                                                        -Virginia                                                                                                                               -Maryland


In the Southern Colonies the weather year round is warm, and it is also the longest growing crops seasons.  


A couple benefits to the Southern Colonies is the crops tobacco and rice. These two crops made a good profit towards England. England wanted to buy tobacco and rice from the Southern Colonies. That made the shipping rates go up through out the years (Ship building).                                                                                              


The soil here is rich and perfect for growing crops. Growing crops is good for helping yourself by providing yourself food and can make money out of it also.                           The most common crops are:

  • Tobacco
  • Cotton
  • & Rice

The End

Thank you or taking your time to read my brochure, and I hope you have found the perfect home for you! Have a fantastic day.

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