Muslim Empire

The Muslim Empire was from (639ad-1099ad.) The Muslim Empire was spread out of mecca, east into India, west across North Africa, and on into Spain. It 's growth spread Islam to other people. It was a quick growth because of military conquest. The Muslim Empire took over 100 years to expand most of the empire. They also treated conquered  people fairly, usually better the other empires. the other way they expanded good was because of trade. The battle of tours was in Southern France. Th French Christians, under Charles Martel, defended the Muslims and stooped their advanced into Europe. It was also part of the golden age. this was a time of great learning and cultural diffusion was good. There were 6 contributions to our society. They were mathematics, medicine, architecture, astronomy, Islamic laws, and banking. Mathematics spread Gupta math ideas. Medicine created hospitals. Architecture were influenced by Byzantine and Indian styles. Astronomy learned from Greek ideas. Islamic laws became the basis political laws in the empire.

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