Tyler Umhoefer

Photography Portfolio

Light in the Darkness

I shot this photo to emphasize the contrasts between darkness and light.

Calves in Spring

I shot this photo while at my grandparents when I was spraying mesquite trees with herbicide.


I shot this photo at my grandparents to emphasize how small the world really is.


I shot this photo while fixing a fence at my grandparents to show that an entire lifestyle can reside in a simple picture.

In the Blazing Sun

I shot this photo on the farm while riding a four wheeler to test out my new gopro camera


I shot this picture of my girlfriend one day at the golf course to see how progression shots would look if taken with a slow motion camera setting.


This photo was taken as part of a portraits project for photojournalism.

Bluebonnets and TAMU

This picture was taken as part of senior pictures for a friend of mine.

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