Where to Buy Personalized iphone 5 Skins

Jazzing up your iPhone 5 is now more fun than ever! There are several dozen sites out there that sell iPhone 5 skins but not all will provide you with personalized iPhone 5 skin.

Moving away from the crowd and standing up to be counted now just got easier. Slick Wraps (http://www.slickwraps.com/Slickwraps-for-iPhone-5S-s/665.htm), is an amazing site that offers to jazz up your iPhone 5 like no other. Slick Wraps has 9 different types of skins for your iPhone 5:

1. Carbon Series,
2. Glow Series,
3. Wood Series,
4. Natural Series,
5. Leather Series,
6. Metal Series,
7. Mood Series,
8. Colour Collection and
9. Glitz Series

Each in turn has an amazing range of colours and textures. For example, the Carbon Series offers 10 different colours covering the entire range in a rainbow and then some. The "Glow" series on the other hand, offers iPhone 5 skins that glow in the dark and these come in various colours and shades including blue, green, purple, orange and yellow.

The "Glow" series is the top favourite amongst buyers. No more searching for the phone at night - wrap your iPhone 5 in our Glow series skin and even if it is pitch dark, you will know exactly where your phone is. Imagine the envy of your friends when you flash your iPhone 5 during a movie. Go a step ahead and buy all the glow colours so you have a different glow each time.

For those who love the natural colours and texture of wood, Slick Wraps has 6 amazing wood textured iPhone 5 skins including the "cork" skin (located under the natural category). If leather turns you on than Slick Wraps offer 7 different types of leather themed iPhone 5 skins including Alligator, Tan, Black, Ostrich black, Ostrich tan and Pigskin.

Slick Wraps also offers a new unique collection of Custom HTC one cases called the Mood Series. These are really outstanding iPhone 5 skins each with a rare and unique colour combination that reflects the mood of the owner. For example, the Blue mood iPhone 5 skin indicates that you are a person who is relaxed, is at ease, is calm and lovable. The Violet coloured iPhone 5 skin would indicate a person who is happy, lovable, passionate and very romantic. So go ahead, take your mood pick.

Young ladies will love our Glitter series of MacBook skins. There are six amazing colours to choose from including our exclusive Fjord Blue and Byzantine Violet. The Glitter series will complement any jewellery you might be wearing and are a big hit at the party. Go ahead and buy all 6. Use one depending on the type of party and type of jewellery you might be wearing.

Have a unique design of your own? No problem! At Slick Wraps you can also upload your own design and have your own exclusive and 100% unique iPhone 5 skin. Simply upload your photo or design, select the colour and type of skin you want. A few days later, you will receive your own exclusive Unique HTC one cases – nobody else will have it.

So still thinking about where to buy your iPhone 5 skin from? Think no further, wait no further, Slick Wraps (http://www.slickwraps.com/Slickwraps-for-iPhone-5S-s/665.htm) is the website to visit for the rarest of rare iPhone 5 skins.

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