Armed Attacks in the Ivory Coast

On May 15, 2014 there was an armed attack on innocent civilians by armed gunmen. Nobody knows who they are but they succeeded in killing thirteen people, including both children and FRCI. (Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire) Gangs have been causing havoc in the citis of Fété and Bouaké as they terrorize the residents that live there and displace almost over 3,500 people from their homes.

In recent months there has been at least 15 violent attacks that have resulted in 4 casualties and 22 injuries. These violent groups target lost anything ranging from people, buses, cares, and homes. They often use grenades, assault rifles, and any other weapon they can get their hands on and they are not afraid to use them.


The main enemies here are the armed gangs who are attacking innocent civilians. Nobody is quite sure why these attacks are taking place, but at this moment it seems as if thy are killing just to kill.

At the moment, the only countries and nations that are concerned are the ones who border the Ivory Coast. They themselves are being put in danger if the Gangs were to cross the border. Liberia, is one of these nations that is close to the attacks. A Human's Rights watch has been issued to try and contain thes acts of violence.

These attacks have been conducted mostly through direct contact with the Gangs. There are uses of assault rifles, grenades, knives, and other deadly weapons.

As far as we can tell, the violence is a result from left over anger from the civil war that occurred in 2011. These men are previous fighters in that civil war and are taking out their anger now to show their power and lack of respect for local authority.

At this moment, no big movements or actions are being taken to stop these aggressive attacks. The police are not helping or responding very quickly so victims of assault or crime have stopped reporting the cases since they will not get answers. If it were my place, I would try anfigure out why they are so angry and work with them to create a plan to fix whatever is wrong. The authorities are not handling the situation properly and are putting more innocent people at risk.

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