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Rob Darnbrough | President / Insurance and Estate Planning Advisor

Rob is president and founding member of Westward Advisors. Rob started Westward in 1997 with an innovative approach to insurance-based tax and estate planning strategies. Rob specializes in advanced markets for both individuals and company shareholders. Rob’s extensive knowledge of insurance products and underwriting processes has positioned him as a leading advisor in insurance-based tax and estate planning. Rob has 17 years experience as an advisor in the insurance industry. He is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada, and the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise. Rob is an avid snowboarder and plays soccer competitively. Rob is married with two young sons.

Pierre Cloutier | Insurance and Estate Planning Advisor

Pierre Cloutier began his career as a life underwriter in 1980. He established himself within the business community in particular, where he developed a client base of entrepreneurs who benefited from the progressive and forward-thinking financial concepts he proposed to them. His career path since then has demonstrated his ability to analyze complex financial situations and recommend solutions tailored to his clients’ expectations. Pierre is a member of CALU, an association represented by the best professionals in the industry. Pierre has always had a close relationship with nature. For relaxation, he enjoys almost any activity that connects him to that environment, but he gets his greatest satisfaction from mountain trekking.

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