Job Shadowing Project

Nursing:Lindy Cheshire

What is nursing??

NURSING- the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.

Nursing has many different duties during the day because they're are so many different types of nursing. You can be a pediatric nurse and work with little kids or you can be a home health nurse which is helping the elder. Those are two completely different duties. You can also work in many different environments. You can be a nurse at a hospital or you can teach at a college. Once again, those are two completely different things. Your work hours vary as a nurse just considering where you work. To become a nurse you have to at least have a 4-year college record or get a bachelor degree in the science of nursing. To be a nurse you should probably be a very friendly person considering you are working with ill people who might not make it much longer. You can start out as a nurse, but then you can move up to a doctor if you go back to school to get a higher degree.


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