Careers in Housing
Mara Colson

Model Home Designer


A model home designer plans the space and selects the furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings. lighting, and accessories for model homes. They order these furnishings and coordinate the installation. They also coordinate the materials chosen for the home's exterior.

Education and Training:

For this career it is preferred that you have a bachelor's degree and interior design certificate. Some helpful courses to take while getting your degree include art, drawing, ergonomics, architectural drawing, business course, etc.

Skills and Aptitudes:

It is important to be creative, have a sense of design, and an eye for color. It is also necessary to be able to sketch designs and be able to use Computer-Aided Design software. A visual and spatial aptitude and interior design knowledge are helpful for this career.


I thought the most interesting thing about this career is that you don't just design the interior or the exterior, but you get to design both.

Source: Homes and Interiors (textbook)

Color Specialist


A color specialist works with designers and manufacturers to select color for fabrics, wall coverings, floor coverings, accessories, lighting, and furniture.

Education & Training:

For this career it is preferred that you have a bachelor's degree or higher. College course that are recommended include art, color theory, interior design, etc. It is also beneficial to have work experience with an interior designer.

Skills & Aptitudes:

Creativity and an eye for design are required. It is helpful to be able to tell subtle distinctions between colors. The ability to keep up with current styles is helpful.


The thing about this career that I found most interesting is that it is all based around colors and what colors go well together.

Source: Homes and Interiors (textbook)

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