Don't Go

Rebecca Walker 4.16.14

I always thought my family as flawless
I stood proud
but so much goes on
too much for my little heart to handle

It was the day,
the day my daddy would go
"Don't Go!"
I say to him
"There's nowhere in the world that can keep us apart,"
he said back

My momma crying
but for a different reason
then that little girl knew

A few days passed

I hear
"Dad's home!"
all gathered in the living room
for what I thought
to be a great day
I was wrong

All of a sudden
the laughing stopped
the stories stopped
What's going on?

Seeing the whites of my dad's eyes being told
he's leaving,
to a place far away
without me
Don't Go, dad, Don't Go
I couldn't escape away with him
for no one could
not my mom
not my brother
not my sister
not me
not my mom
not my brother
not my sister
not me

Trying to stay strong
strong for my family
strong so no one would cry
strong so
I wouldn't cry

Don't Go
don't leave me

My mom in tears,
tears running down her face
like a river on the mountains in spring
with the melted snow
crashing on the mountain wall

I couldn't move,
what I thought?
I couldn't tell you
for nothing made sense

I felt underwater
couldn't see
couldn't hear
couldn't breathe
couldn't move
couldn't think

What could I do?

The sound of my dad's voice
interrupts everything
"Are you okay?"

What do I say?
do I say the truth?
do I say yes?

A simple nod
that's all I could give
too hard to speak
at first

"Don't Go,"
I say
quite and shy
but wanting to scream
"Don't Go."

Every little girl needs there daddy
no matter,
no matter what you convince yourself

Daddy's little girl
please Don't Go

You made promises
Don't Go

But looking through the old window of my past
I may have been broken and weak
but look at me now
I am stronger then yesterday

Thank you God for that day,
if that day wouldn't of come
I would not be as tough
as I am now

Everything happens for a reason
so memory
Don't Go  

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