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Activity Book Series: Name the Vowels50 X 60"   oil on linen 

There is no question that Endewelt is true to his own vision. His paintings, sketches and drawings each offer a comment about he visual world at large and at the same time, about the unique personality of Jack Endewelt. He challenges the viewers expectations about the appearance, function and identity of objects. He grew up during WWII, his uncle owned a plumbing business in which he once worked. He was a commercial illustrator and instructor. You will see all this in his work with the added questions: Do we respond differently to the shape of a gun than to a pipe fitting because our knowledge of each objects function has affected our response to the form? Can we enjoy the elegant shapes of an aircraft without placing them in the context of war? These questions Endewelt answers in his work by emphasizing the need for the artist in him to raise the questions, for the illustrator inside to draw conclusions and you the viewer to connect the dots.  

-M. Stephen Doherty , Editor-in-Chief, American Artists Magazine