Brian Sirmon: Law Enforcement Accomplishments

Brian Sirmon worked in the law enforcement field for more than 15 years, serving several professional organizations with distinction while receiving an extensive level of training and experience in a variety of areas. As a professional police officer, Sirmon obtained a considerable level of skill in the numerous facets of police work, and accumulated an impressive set of accomplishments that promises to provide him a great professional foundation for many years to come.

As a law enforcement official, Brian Sirmon enjoyed the opportunity to serve as a Field Training Officer, a position that allowed him to train and teach new patrol officers how to accomplish both safe and effective police work while minimizing the risk of potential injury. Sirmon is also proud to have completed over 1000 certified training hours in the fields of Advanced Crime Scene Investigation and Traffic Accident Investigation, and to actively participate in actual field training with new officers in order to ensure heightened awareness of the potential hazards of a crime scene, including the potential of hazardous weather conditions and the existence of possible blood pathogens.

Brian Sirmon was also the recipient of advanced DWI Detection and Standardized Field Testing training, particularly in regards to drugs and alcohol in actual field results. This training also afforded Sirmon the opportunity to train new recruits in the performance of these actions, as well as how to effectively observe and detect an intoxicant in a situation.

Sirmon also completed over 122 hours of supervision training as a Sheriff Deputy Sergeant, and became a Certified Taser International Instructor, over the course of his career.

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