Area 51/Roswell

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Bob Lazar is the owner of United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies. Lazar also a scientist and engineer of Area 51 and he is playing a big role in UFO event.


Area 51 is a secretive military base located in the Nevada Desert. Thus base is in hundred miles northwest of Las Vegas near the White Sands Missile Range.


Area 51 located in Nevada, USA




People believe there is a secret government test facility in the middle of the Groom Lake salt flats in Nevada, no such facility has be found. People have pictures of government signs and machinery in the desert that is claimed to be a weapons testing range.

Fun Facts

  1. It is believed 2000 people live and work there and are not allowed to talk about anything at the site
  2. Area 51 was nicknames dream land, derived from a Edgar Allen Poe poem.
  3. All “sited” appearances of aircraft or claimed ufos were just manned reconnaissance missions
  4. Area 51 was a test site for many military weapons and aircraft
  5. Moon landers and other spacecraft was first tested at Area 51
  6. There is no TVs and little expose to anything outside of the facility
  7. Area 51 now has seems to have 7 runways and over 25 hangers


Area 51 was a government test facility in Nevada. It was once denied until aerial pictures showing the facility were taken. The government had to later explain the site saying it was testing facility for military aircraft and prototypes. There has been so called UFO sightings around where it is believed to be, but were explained as just test crafts. The site is now a large facility with many building and runways. The site can now be seen on many viewing sites online.

Video about Area 51


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