Sally Ride's Spectacular Life

Francesca Mullen

Sally Ride

Sally Ride was an American physicist and astronaut. She was born in Los Angeles California in 1951 and died from cancer at age 61 in 2012. She had one sibling, Karen Ride who is a Presbyterian Minister. Sally's mother had worked as a volunteer counsellor at a woman's correctional facility. Her father had been a political science professor at Santa Monica College. Sally attended Harvard Westlake School on a scholarship. In addition to being interested in science, she was a nationally ranked tennis player. She then entered Stanford University as a junior, graduating with a bachelor degree in English and Physics.

Sally Ride was the first American woman to go to space, at just age 32. She was also the prior of her space flight. She still remains the youngest American woman to go into space. On her second flight to space, she went for more than 343 hours, and on her third flight to space it took her eight months of training.

Sally directed public out reach and education programs for NASA'S Grail Mission, which sent twin satellites to map the moon's gravity. Sally Ride developed two communications satellites and conducted pharmaceutical experiments. Sally also helped develop space shuttle's robot arm.

Sally Ride co-authored six children's science books with her life partner,Tam O'Saughnessy. Sally has received many awards like the Hall of Fame, Astronaut Hall of Fame,NASA space fight medal, California Museum for history and much more. So this is Sally Ride's Spectacular Life.