Australia, Japan and America

World War Two

In world war two Japan attacked  Australia and America. On the 7th december 1941 Japan who was fighting the chinese at the time sent a air rade of bombers to Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Britan and The United States decleared war on Japan a day later. Japan then captured Singapore from the British and held 60,000 hostiges. On the 6th of August after the germans surendered, the Japanese still refused to surender so the U.S.A dropped a atomic bomb on the city of Hirosima. Two days later the russians decleared war on Japan and captured a city. After five more days the Japanese surendered ending World War Two


America, Japan and Australia all sports that they invented. America invented NFL (National Football League) , NBA (National Basketball Association), MLB (Major League Baseball) and NHL (National Hockey League).  America has been going to the Olimpic Games since 1896 summer games where Thomas Burke won a gold medal for 100m and 400m track events. The Super Bowl is where the NFL play their finals and hundreds of thousands of people go there every year.


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