Individualized Learning Plan
By: Miranda Johnson

Child who is a foreign exchange student from Finland and speaks 7 languages, including English (Bilingual/Multicultural Learner)

Name: Eemil
Academic Background: Very intelligent, learns easily and catches on to things quickly
Nonacademic Background: Eemil comes from a traditional family that is very centered on the nuclear family. He has 1 sister, his mom stays home, and his father is a construction Foreman. He loves sailing with his family back at home.

Details of their needs: Bilingual and Multicultural learner. They need their culture to be valued and explored, while also learning about the American culture.  

Teacher-Student Connections

  • Get approval to take the student to lunch and really learn what activities Eemil enjoys doing
  • Research Finland customs to be sure not to insult Eemil in any way
  • Periodically check in with Eemil to find out how his experience is going and if there is anything he would like changed

Student-Student Connections

  • Based on what Eemil has told me, find a way to play the sport he really adores with the entire class
  • Have Eemil create a fun presentation to tell the rest of us about his lovely country
  • Encourage a Q&A session after he has told us a little about his life back home

Motivational Strategies for Learning and Promoting Positive Behavior

  • Finland has huge success rates in their educational system. They incorporate 15 minute breaks after every 45 minutes of instruction. Therefore, I think keeping this routine will not only benefit him but the other students as well and keep them motivated and alert!
  • Show why the topics we are learning are fascinating or useful so that he understands why we are doing and learning the things we are
  • Give multiple assignment options so that he has some degree of choice on what he wants to do

Teaching methods:

  • Standardized testing have gone out of the school system in Finland, and they do not focus on competition. Instead, they focus on equality over excellence. Our school system could be discouraging. Therefore, I could make up my own tests for him that he would be more comfortable with
  • Always look for ways to incorporate his culture and interests into our lesson
  • Have all my students keep a daily journal-writing about anything they wanted-but encouraging Eemil to write down his experiences (the good and bad)


  • A very general type of assessment technique I would use in my classroom is having my students write down the most important thing they learned that day including what they understood the least and what they think might help
  • Modification: The student can either have their helper write for them or they can personally tell me after class what they think, and I can keep a record of it for them
  • Math: Supply students with small white boards and interactively write math problems on the board for students to work out on their own and raise up when they are done. This will allow me to see who is working the quickest, who is getting the correct answers, and if there are problems that everyone is struggling with and we need to work more on without actually giving them a quiz or test
  • Modification: students can either have their helper write and show the answer for them, or they can use their own technology tool and I can check the answer without needing them to hold it up
  • Reading: I am a huge advocate for constant and consistent reading and the benefits that reading has for both students and adults. I would love to designate a time every day for students to have time to read out-loud. This would allow me to hear their improvement over a period of time.
  • Modification: Reading to me personally at another time if they are uncomfortable or going to a reading lab during that time to enhance their learning.


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