Retinoblastoma Cancer

About Retinoblastoma

The main part of the eye is the eyeball (also known as the globe)which is filled with a jelly like minerals called the vitreous.The front of the eye has a lens with iris (the colored part of the eye that acts like a camera shutter)which allows light to enter  and focus on the retina.The retina is the inner part of the back of the eye.


The symptoms of this cancer is the pupil the appears white in the light.The childs eye does not have the normal red appearance that a flash photo creates. The eyes may not move or focus in the same direction.Major eye pain,and the pupil is constantly dilated.There is either one red eye or both eyes can be red.

possible causes

It is not clear what causes the mutations that lead to Retinoblastoma however it possible for children to inherit a genetic mutation for their parents.

cancer growth

Stages of Retinoblastoma

Metastasis-spreads to the other side of the body.

1.)The tumor is confined to the retina.

2.)It is confined to the eyeball.

3.)The cancer has spread to areas in the region around the eye.


All children should be specialized for this type of cancer.The treatments are thermotherapy,cryotherapy,radiotherapy those are the usual treatments.  

Survival Rates

The survival rate is about 3%.

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