alcohol abuse

By:Elizabeth Nichols

Most people today drink more on a daily basis then they should. Drinking has increased tremendously in the past few years. Most people don't realize the have alcohol problems until it is to late. Some affects would be not being able to control your drinking habits, not being able to cut back, feeling sick to your stomach, having blackouts where you don't remember what happened while you were drinking, and so on. There are many affects as you can see to alcohol abuse and there are some ways you can cure your alcohol addiction, but its not as easy as you think it would be.

You shouldn't become a person who gets addicted to alcohol because once you make the choice to drink all the time you won't be able to stop. If will affect you personally in your education and athletically. Once you become addicted you will miss your sports events just to drink to solve your problems. Eventually you would even miss school to drink because you are so addicted to the alcohol your body won't know how to function without it. You don't wanna drink your life away, there are many other things you can do rather then drink on your free time. If you have problems try to get involved in school functions or in activities in your community there are better things to do then drink.

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