Test Review Female Reproductive

Gynecology-study of woman

Obstetrics-pertaining to a midwife

neonatology-study of new birth

gravid-pregnancy      para-bearing viable offspring  

lets do this-woman had 3 miscarriages, 2 live births= gravida ___  para  _____    

pareunia-sexual intercourse     dys=you tell me

time of pregnancy before childbirth-antepartum   ante-before     parity-condition of offspring


Breast     benign fibrocystic changes vs breast cancer    screening-mammogram xray of breast

VULVA- labia majora-after puberty covered in hair

clitoris-male equivalent of penis

area between vagina and rectum=perineum

labia minora

Uterus    pear shape organ holds baby before birth,  sheds every month if no implantation of fertilized egg,

removal of amniotic fluid for analysis with us guided needle withdraw=

outer covering of uterus-perimetrium

Endometriosis- endo-within  metri/o-womb   -sis=condition of

when pieces of uterine tissue implant/grow/shed outside of the uterus

causes painful periods, maybe infertility-no cure, but if severe=dilation and curretage d&c

menarche-1st mensrual cycle       men-menses       arche-beginning

Ectopic pregnancy    ectop=out of place

ovum=female gamete THE EGG!!!!!!

when a fertilized egg implants in fallopian tube, not viable pregnancy, will need surgery

Cervix- lower section of uterus attaches uterus to vagina, cervical cancer screening is pap smear, so is this the distal end of uterus or proximal end?

colposcopy- visual exam of vagina and cervix, scope looking for abnormal cells on cervix, if seen=biopsy to diagnose cervical cancer or pre cancerous changes

Vagina is   3  inches at rest and elongates and accommodates

Fallopian tube=salping=stem

salpingitis=you all tell me

fallopian tubes-2-tubes connecting ovaries and uterus. usually fertilization happens here, then fertilized egg travels to uterus, finger-like projections on tubes that wave egg out of ovar


ovaries-2-need 1-produce estrogen and progesterone, stores the eggs untill released

ovarian cysts-fluid filled cysts on or in ovary, may rupture, may dissolve on own, or rupture then dissolve

Removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes=b/s/o

Bartholin glands-glands provide lubrication of vagina


Sexually transmitted diseases-stay away!!!

Infections of the reproductive organs in the pelvic region cause pain. painful periods,possible infertility, lower quadrant pain,discharge, and dx of chlamydia/gonoccocal infection or other std, cause PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE- PID.

Gonorrhea-bacterial infection-some woman may be asymptomatic, but usually causes painful urination and discharge, can infect other organs if bacteria exposed......eyes,mouth,rectum, joints......condoms prevent transmission, need antibiotics! for both partners! eewww

Chlamydia- females also may be asymptomatic, but many get dysuria or yellowy discharge, males may have dysuria and whitish clear discharge. Need antibiotics!!!

If these 2 are left untreated what may develop in your pelvis?

Next lesson-male reproductive system-PENIS-PALOOZA!