Metallurgy Engineering

My future profession


Hi there!

Some people ask me about my Program in Brazil which is Metallurgy Engineering. It's specific one as a part of chemistry engineering. It is a part of technology used in the processing of ores into metals and alloys and their industrial applications. We have deep knowledge of metals and their properties, and we are responsible for the processing of ores and their transformation in metals and alloys. We operate throughout the process, from extraction, refining, and shaping to obtain products with structure and properties tailored to different purposes. The metallurgy engineering can develop and adapt metals for various industrial uses. Take for example from making of plates and beams, for building up the production of pop cans, orthopedic implants, and landing gear aircraft. We can also combine with other metal materials, such as glass, plastic or ceramic, creating composites with new properties. We are present in almost all industries, we are essential in basic industries and metallurgy sector. Brazil, for example, is the ninth largest producer and 13th largest world exporter of steel and my state Espirito Santo has a good participation in this result! I guess it is a good profession!

If you still have any question about metallurgy you can ask me for clarification!