THE rooms of castles

Lets start going over the rooms now

*The main room is the Throne Room, that's were meetings are held with the king.

* The Great Hall, this is a place for meeting and dining

* The Solar, This is private bedrooms

* The dungeon, this is were the criminals and demons go to get tortured

*The Bottlery, this is were the keep the wine

*The Keep, This is were the lord and other guests would stay.

*The yard,ward, or bailey, is were you would walk around From room to room

*The curtain wall is the outer wall that keeps the enemies from coming in

* The draw bridge keeps the warriors from just walking into the castle

* The moat, This prevents the "Bad guys" from getting into the castle

*Turrets, these are rooms that knights and guards would stay in to Shoot or see the "army" coming.

*The barracks would be the first spot you would have to pass before getting to the castle, it would also be were the knights would stay.

*The gate house is normally the second place you would pass through it is a building of importance.

*The kitchen is were the king would get his meals.

*The store room is were they would store the supplies they need to survive an attack.

*The chapel is were they would go to worship.

*The pantry is were They would keep the food they needed.

*The great chamber the bedroom foe lord and the lady

*The gardrobe, This is the spot to go when you need to go

*The wardrobe, This is the spot were they would keep the clothes.

*The place of arms, This is were the knights would keep there weapons

*portcullis is a gate that has spikes on the end and can slam shut.


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