Six Sigma Training Courses – Worthy of all the Hype?

Six sigma training..

There is a lot of mysticism surrounding this particular concept of management..

Some believe it to be a nearly impossible feat to achieve. Some believe it to be the knowledge of management gurus that is meant for a select few. The small businesses generally assume it to be a concept that is applicable to only large scale companies. Some believe it to be a waste investment but there are many MANY companies out there that treat six sigma level of quality control to be the holy grail that has the potential to unlock many success avenues for their enterprise.

Therefore, if you really wish to understand whether or not six sigma courses are worthy of all the attention they have received over the years, you first need to understand what the concept actually is..

Basically, six sigma is a quality control process that can be implemented in almost any industry or organisation. The entire concept revolves and drives itself on data and stringent measures are used to ensure that the numbers collected correspond to actual situations. The results or a company’s performance is measured in numbers, namely number of defects in deliverables, whether it be products or services. To achieve Six Sigma you should have less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Opportunities here mean the chances and stages where any executable process can go wrong.

Six sigma certification therefore enables companies and their managers in achieving a level of service and management quality that ensures the least number of fallouts while delivering to end customers. The list of companies that have achieved this level of operations quality is huge. But the case for small businesses is still a bit undecided. Most of these enterprises argue the fact that achieving such levels of quality control might be impossible at their scale of operations. Plus, the many measures that need to be implemented to ensure sustenance of those quality levels make the entire process too costly for the entrepreneur. This is where they go wrong..

What small business need to understand is that they are sitting on a whole world of opportunities of growth and success that they aren’t able to cash into, just because of the problems they face in project management and execution. GE and Motorola will find it hard to gain any more market share than they already have but the small businesses, on the other hand have the whole world to expand into. By offering products or services that are better in quality and service deliverables, they can begin creating a name for themselves in the market and achieve success. Reducing down resource wastage and bringing quality control up to the mark is what six sigma is all about.

Learning how to achieve this level of quality has become a bit easier these days. Now you can apply for online six sigma certification courses and manage to learn all their principles and techniques through the internet. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to visit to know more.

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