Eric Madura Merchant Services on How Soccer is Growing in Popularity in America

Soccer has always been loved worldwide, but it is only recently becoming a popular American sport. The reason people love soccer so much is that everyone can play it. Any group of kids anywhere can grab a ball and start up a game of soccer. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment or money to play; just a ball and plenty of space.

In recent years, Americans have finally begun to catch on to what a great game soccer can be. Any athlete of any size or body type can excel in this sport even at the professional level. Being the tallest or the biggest isn’t as important in a sport where footwork, agility and speed reign supreme. Furthermore, it is a sport that teaches players the value of team work as well as individual work and dedication to the craft. It is a simple game with simple fundamentals that even young children can enjoy learning.

With increasing success on the world scene in the Olympics and the World Cup, soccer is becoming even more visible and catching the interest of more youth. Soccer teams at the professional level are drawing larger and larger crowds. American youth are taken with the sport and it won’t be long before we see soccer as much as we see football in American culture.