Judge pleads not guilty to firearms charge

     A Williamson County criminal judge will not be in court Wednesday after he pleaded not guilty to federal weapons charges Tuesday and waived his arraignment. Prosecutors say that Tim Wright, a judge is responsible for selling seven guns to a felon. Prosecutors are also saying that when he purchased the guns, he said they were for himself. He went in front of a judge and he has had  to surrender his handgun license.

Kenyan man arrested for surveillance and planned attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta's home.

   A Kenyan court on Wednesday granted police 15 days to hold and interrogate a man who is suspected of carrying out surveillance on President Uhuru Kenyatta's rural home in preparation for an attack. Prosecutor Daniel Karuri told a court Wednesday that police require more time to interrogate Said Mire Siyad, who was found in the presidents home in Gatundu South in central Kenya. "The respondent is believed to have been sent to the presidential resident to carry out surveillance for a terrorist attack," the prosecutor said.

Student returns home from chemo after she initially refused the treatment

     Cassandra Callander, a seventeen year old student in Connecticut, refused treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The state argued that the girl was young and immature to see the severity of her disease. They ordered her to go through with chemo because doctors said she needed chemo therapy. Cassandra refused and ran away with the support of her mother. The state did not like this and they reported her mother to the department of Children and Families. The court took temporary custody of the teen and shortly after her mother cooperated. With treatment Cassandra has an 80 - 85 percent of living and so her doctor testified against her in court. The families main argument was that they should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies and not have to "poison" it with chemo.

Woman blinded after pharmacist incorrectly filled prescription

     Woman, Karen Bartlett was blinded after she had taken a prescription drug to ease intense pain in her shoulder. The court ruling was basically that the drug company was not responsible because they had placed a warning label on the bottle. Karen suffered from 2/3 of her skin falling away from her body, lung damage and trouble swallowing. She receives disability checks each month but to her, its just not enough. She believes that the court has unfairly ruled.

The University of Mississippi

     The University of Mississippi is conducted on a basis of common honesty. Dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism, or knowingly copying untrue information to the University, are regarded as a serious offense. Possible disciplinary procedures include: failure on the work in question, retake of an examination, extra work, grade reduction or failure in the course, disciplinary probation, or suspension or expulsion from the University. An appeals process is available to the student if seem fit.

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