Lauren Baker

How many machines should we have?                                                                                             I think there should be 6 machine ,so that there could be more options depending on where you are in the building.

Why did you choose that number of machines?                                                                             I choose 6 machine so that there there could be different varieties of healthy snacks every where.

What kinds of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machine(s)?                  I would like to see Popchips, Lifeway ProBugs Organic Orange Creamy Crawler, Zevia Soda Zero Calorie Cola,Kind Fruit & Nut Delight,Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar.

Why did you select these snacks?                                                                                             Because i believe this would be good and will also be a healthy chooose for the students.

What should these snacks cost?                                                                                                         I believe that all snacks and drinks should be 1 dollar each depending on the state taxes which vary in your area.

Why did you select these prices?    I believe that 1 dollar is a easy price and most students can afford this price because its not 3 dollars for less than you could get for a healthy snack with has more for a lower price.

Where should the machine(s) be located?

I think the should be 2 in the gym 2 in the lunch room and one in the hallway where everyone passes to go to class.

Why did you select these locations?              

They are some of the most common area in the school , the whole school goes in the lunch room , and people get hungery and thrusty after gym.

When should students be able to use the machine(s)?

Any free time or on there way up and down the hallway from class to class.

Why did you select these times of day?

Because who ever walks past it will see it and get something out of it.

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