Greenlease Kidnapping

Description of the Crime
A person claiming to be Bobby Greenlease's aunt came to pick Bobby up from school because of a family emergency. She told the nuns at the school that Bobby's mother was sick and Bobby needed to be taken to her. The woman was lying and kidnapped Bobby with her partner. The criminals wanted ransom money because the Greenlease family was rich. After about a week, the criminals were caught. However, they killed Bobby shortly after the kidnapping so the search was unsuccessful.

Description of the Mystery
The mystery is centered on why Bobby willingly went with a woman he never met before who claimed to be his aunt. Another mystery centers around why it took the police so long to catch the criminals even though the criminals were under the influence of alcohol and other substances during the whole week the search was going on. In additions, only half of the ransom money was recovered.


The Victim and Suspect
The victim was Bobby Greenlease and his family. The victims also included all families who felt that their children's safety was at risk. The suspects (and criminals) were Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady.

-body of Bobby Greenlease
-blood stains in Heady's home
-.38 caliber shell casings
-call from cab company (police tip off)

Possible Narrator:
Detective working the case

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