Kalye Venice

An inspiring story of a typical Filipino community with westernized lifestyle...Come and see as we bring enchanting and inspiring life of wonderful characters into the lives of our fellowmen who live in a positive life despite the hardships and obstacles of reality nowadays...

"the story of a slum area with extravagant transformation..."

"the great adventure of three ordinary child with extraordinary destiny..."

I began this inspiring story with the question of "what if" as almost every adventurous writer starts with their own concept. What if there is a typical and simple community in our country that lived their life with the adaptation of western "progress life" as their own way of living?

"Impossible but possible, You have just to believe in it..."

There are many unfortunate children lives among us...Some with their biological family and some are not. What if these children are destined to have a simple life but inspiring one. The one that all of us dream to have someday in our life. Children are tend to create their own story that made them happy and optimistic in life; this behavior starts within the knowledge they acquired from books and YOU.

"Fantasy but reality, You just have to live within it..."

Kalye Venice is an experimental play that teaches us to be a positive US. it will walk us through a door of a kingdom lived by Filipinos with the wisdom of Renaissance period. "A community with the creation of beauty"

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3 years ago

Sino Gustong Manuod ng play namin?? libre ko yung ticket .. :D kausapin nyo lang ako .. (: