lexie rogers

STOP!!!! No more bullying!!!!!

Bullying is not a good thing. If your are ever bullyed by someone you need to tell an adult so they can get tou and them both help. People who are bullying others are just trying to look good in front of there friends so they can be in the cool group. The main people that are normally getting bullied are teens. Them are getting bullied because they are the collest people in the world they think they think that they have to right to do things that you arent allowed to do ever so they think that it is ok for them and not other people. Bullying in a big thing right noe people are killing there selfs to try to prevent from getting bullied by others.

kids who are bullied are usually alone or weaker then the othe person. bullying is an act that people are trying to do to scare other people or harm them. If you are ever bulliec throught out the years you will most likely still be getting bullied by either the same person or a different person that they are with. Bulling is a violence you can get hit shoved pushed etc. or you can be bullied over the internet which is called cyber bullying .

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