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Hype and iBook Author

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This instructional designer and multimedia developer for United Medical Pharmacy shared how he has been designing training for the pharmaceutical company for the past few years. From the shipping department to the plant staff, he has created many mobile training a for the company.  

This company has iPads for all the departments and the devices they use for training. He has a been using Hype for creating and designing HTML5 content for mobile devices. Way easier than trying to do flash because it writes the code for you and allows you to add actions without having to script it.

The product Hype is $49.99 and only available for Mac. You can export the HTML5 and it packages everything with the js.query and script.

And, once you have completed your project it also can be easily exported to be added in to your iBook Author.

I think I will download the trial version and try it out before I buy this oroduct for myself.

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On the " to do list."

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