Poor sleep 'early warning signs' for drink and drug issues


     Scientists have discovered that poor sleeping habits can cause teens to get caught up in drinking and drugs. Many teens who said they have bad sleeping habits have already been involved in these activities. The worse the sleep pattern is, the greater the chances are for an adolescent to start drinking and doing drugs. Studies have shown that teens who have trouble falling asleep at least once a week are 33% more likely to binge drink and do things that they regret when they are under the influence.

     The cause of these poor sleeping habits, I believe, is from the amount of stress teens  go through. Teens have to balance schoolwork and chores with their social life. It all gets clustered and it leaves a very small amount of time. Students are up for most of the night completing their assignments and studying. It puts a lot of stress on students. Lack of sleep can cause impaired judgment. So, this means that teens do not think properly when they are tired causing them to make poor decisions. In order to improve this, schools should give out slightly less homework or extend due dates so students are not so stressed about trying to balance their life.

      I believe another cause for the lack of sleep is from the parents. Teens need a set bed time where they are required to turn off all of their electronics go to bed. A lot of parents do not keep track of when their children go to bed. I think if parents took more control of this situation, the sleeping habits of teens will improve and allow the teens more sleep. Parents shouldn't only talk about grades and other extracurricular activities, but they should also talk about their teens sleep schedule and try to help them. By doing this, I think this will allow teens to have more sleep and be more focused and be able to make the right decisions.

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