5G Homework April 30th

Maths Activities
Multiplication, Division, Brackets and Algebra
Can you try out some of the online maths activities and evaluate them? Share your reflections on the Padlet Wall at the bottom of the Tackk.



Brackets and Algebra

Over to you....ratings time!

Literacy and IPC
To Float or Not to Float......That is the Question

Create a trailer for a film on the sinking of a famous ship - Titanic could be a good choice - but you are welcome to use any historical boat.

Your Success Criteria:

  • 1-2 minutes long
  • Include a voice over with your voice
  • Explain how the boat sank and include scientific and technical terms.
  • Use emotive language and persuade us that this is the best film ever made

These are the criteria by which you will be evaluated.