By: Alexis Gonzalez


Edmodo is an educational website that is based on social network concepts adjusted to the classroom. Edmodo is used to connect and share school-related things, with students, parents, and teachers.This tool allows you a way of communication after school and it contains written


Easelly is used to create info graphics and posters that share ideas, and communicate information.Its a good way to present data and


Remind is a broadcasting message used to alert people of upcoming events and  important things that are school-related. Its beneficial because it reminds you of things you could forget

Tackk is used to show information in a more creative way. Its beneficial because its not as boring as a normal presentation and you can actually have fun with assignments and such. Tackk is very user-friendly and helpful.


Explain and justify the need for a solution

Ex. My car won't start and i need to go places.

Identify and prioritize primary and secondary

Ex. Examine the car, check the manual etc.

Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution for the problem

Ex. Get a new battery, buy a new car, etc.

Develop a detailed design brief

Ex. My car won't start and i need to get places. I need to examine the car and find out what needs to be done for my car to start.

Developing Ideas

Develop a design specification

Ex. Make sure the heading is done correctly, Make sure you get what you pay for, etc.

Develop a range of plausible ideas

Ex.  New car, Used car etc.

Present a final chosen design and justify its selection

Ex. Make sure the service is done correctly would be the best idea cause you would want to get what you paid for.

Develop accurate planning/drawing and outline requirements

Ex. You are going to have a fixed car that runs properly


Construct a plan

Ex. Call a tow truck..etc.

Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Ex. Certified mechanic, updated tools etc.

Follow plan

Ex. Check off to do list

Justify any changes

Ex.  No changes made

Present solution

Ex. Show it off


Design relevant testing methods

Ex. Test drive, Check if new parts are in good condition, etc.

Evaluate success of solution against design specifications

Ex. My car did get fixed but i didn't save money, overall it was a success

Explain how it could be improved

Ex. I wouldn't improve anything

Explain the impact of the solution on the audience

Ex. They're happy cause they had their car fixed

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